Meet Alfonsine

Noella loves to speak individually with as many students as possible when she is in country. In this video, she interviews one of our girls in order to get to know her a bit better. We’ve summarized this interaction in English so you can learn about this lovely young woman as well.

Meet beautiful Alfonsine. She has been a student for eight years at Malaika. Her teacher is Alain and she loves French, math and English. Her friend is Gabriela, and her favorite dish is rice and beans (just like Noella!). 

We’re excited to announce that Noella will be a speaker at World Football Summit in Durban, South Africa, on March 17-18. Sport is a great tool to fight stigmas all around the world, and Malaika applies this belief through programming at Kalebuka Football for Hope Center. Through sports, we can educate the young generation of future leaders. We’re looking forward to everything that will come out of this summit. 

At the Malaika School, we strive to keep the girls active and maintain our mission year-round; to empower through education, sports and life skills.

We were fortunate to host an array of enthusiastic and knowledgeable guests throughout the summer, including our founder Noella, accompanied by her children, JJ and Cara.


Volunteers at the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center

The Kalebuka Football for Hope Center welcomed representatives from the Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy, Bauleni Sports Academy and the Zambia Women Institute for Leadership and Learning (ZamWILL). The goal was to share strategies and to work together to further empower the women in our communities.

Coaches Across Continents returned for a second summer, to teach 238 local coaches how soccer can be used to enhance social and life skills.

Coaches Across Continents was pleased to start our second year of partnership with Malaika. CAC visits each of our partner communities annually to run a week-long sport for social impact training for the teachers and coaches of the area.  This past July, we were thrilled to work with 238 people, over half of whom were women. We had the highest attendance of coaches, as well as female coaches, in the history of our organization. These teachers now have the skills to impact thousands of children in Kalebuka and Lubumbashi.
Brian Suskiewicz, Chief Executive Strategist


Volunteers at the Malaika School

Snap Foundation  gives disadvantaged children a voice through their photography, something they wouldn’t normally have access to. In their first project in DRC, Remy Whiting taught our girls photography skills and brought his patience and passion to the students and staff.

This summer, Snap Foundation developed a trial photography teaching program for Malaika, with a view to running volunteer programs in the future. The Snap teaching ideals fell right into place alongside many of those already used at Malaika, like working with visuals to educate and engage the children. Creativity and life skills can be developed through photography in fun and exciting ways, all of which were embraced by the amazing pupils. Snap found the country to be an incredibly interesting place and the pupils and teachers were so eager and excited to learn we know we will be returning!
Remy Whiting, Snap Foundation

Photography lessons from Snap Foundation

Zoe Bere from @theserieslondon brought a cheery disposition and art supplies to our school in her first volunteering role.

In July I visited the Malaika School to run a summer camp for the primary school girls. Over the two weeks I worked with students covering English, Art, Sport and Drama. Students had opportunities to work individually, in pairs and as groups. They also had a number of opportunities to show case their group work to the class. For example, during a Drama lesson groups of Grade 2 students worked on demonstrating different emotions through their body to which the other groups guessed. These activities enabled students to work together as a team, communicate effectively and build their confidence.
Cherish Bere, The Series London

Art projects with Zoe Bere, founder Series London

Another volunteer, Marin, arrived from Paris. He taught math, theater & French at our summer camp.
Math, theatre and French with Marin

We were also joined by Belgium teacher Laura Aguado Arguelles, who conducted two weeks of invaluable teacher-training.
Belgian Teacher Laura

Interested in volunteering? Contact us at Enjoy the rest of your summer!