Waking Up The Village of Kalebuka, DR Congo

There was buzzing in the air. Co-Founder & Director Yamandou arrived in DR Congo to oversee the final installation of the solar panels and await the grand opening. Grand opening?

Noella landed in Lubumbashi and spent quality time with the students and staff. Pursuant to Noella’s arrival, long time Malaika supporters and new advocate and friend, Eve, came from across the globe to witness history in the making; the inauguration of the first library in Kalebuka! With donations from Vodacom and Segal Family Foundation,  the library was opening its doors to the students and villagers, bringing printed and digital learning materials to a country with a female youth literacy rate of just over 50%.


Eve acquainted herself with the students, staff and locals and even taught a lesson on poetry and the importance of education. The girls entertained Eve with their magnanimous singing and Eve graciously reciprocated. Excitement was permeating throughout Kalebuka.



Friday was the big day of the inauguration, witnessed by many, including the press.  Access to books is a ray of light- hope for thousands in Kalebuka.


Celebration at River Side Hotel continued; and why not? The grand opening of the Vodacom library is a means of empowering a community with education. Our loyal partners like African Milling, Trade Service, Psaro, Qovadis, and Unilever, and the hardworking staff at Malaika were rewarded with a private concert by Eve.


Celebration at River Side Hotel

Celebration at River Side Hotel


It’s a new chapter for Kalebuka. Eve revved up the village with her music and very presence. The local community was awakened with a new venue  for learning. The recent press coverage will hopefully enlighten more people around the world of the plight of the Congolese. If you missed any of the articles, in Elle, Marie Claire or Vogue, visit our press page here http://malaika.org/about-us/press/


The 2014/15 school year  has come to an end. The Malaika School and surrounding community in Kalebuka have come a long way since inception in 2007.


We started our first and ongoing program, New Beginning, which sponsors the education and living expenses for a group of girls who live at a foster home after being orphaned or abandoned, many due to accusations of witchcraft.

New Beginning Project


The first well built on what would become the school grounds, as part of a partnership with Voss Foundation. Why should girls miss school due to illness from contaminated water?

FFH Well


The Malaika School officially opens with four classrooms and 104 girls. Mohammad Ali’s daughter, Khaliah Ali, came to the opening ceremony.

2009-10 Khaliah Ali + First Stone DSC04701

Another well built for the community. Malaika and Voss Foundation are determined to provide clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, sanitation and hygiene.

well - village - 5


Malaika welcomes 152 girls, two new classrooms and a canteen for the meals program. Thanks to partners like Nestle, Malaika serves two healthy meals a day to the students, often their only ones.


A sports program begins at the school, designed by Holly Rilinger, former professional basketball player.

Holly Rilinger


Malaika School expands to 180 girls and three new classrooms, including one for art, one for the Kindergarten class and a sports field with the help of Vodacom.

sport - tennis - 4

A community is reborn with the advent of the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center and a well built with Vinmart Foundation. Using sport as a backdrop, the Center offers health and education programs with the goal of empowering the Kalebuka community and forming the leaders of tomorrow.

ffh - opening


We begin the school year with 202 girls and three new classrooms.

2014 School Photo - 202 Girls

Health program starts. Dr. Franck provides basic medical check ups at the school for the girls. Malaria nets are distributed along with information and preventive tips.

Doctor Checkup - 4


Two more wells built with Voss Foundation for the community.

well - village - 3

What is next for the community of Kalebuka and the Malaika School?

Fall 2015

We welcome 230 girls! Plans are underway for a computer room and library.

Library Visualisation

We’ve come a long way, but there are miles to go. We can accomplish it with your help. www.malaika.org/donate

Do you ever hear your dad’s words in your head, “No, don’t worry. You don’t have to get me anything for Father’s Day”. And he means it. For most dads, being an honorable father means sacrifice;  whether it’s forsaking a gift from his children or giving of time and money that is not readily available. One of the many lessons from our parents.



How can we repay our dad on Father’s Day for all the sacrifices he has made for his children?  We can honor our dads by remembering his teachings.

Make a sacrifice. Give up the extra dessert and trimmings on Sunday and make a donation in honor of the important man in your life at www.malaika.org/donate

Be open minded and purchase a present through an organization that gives back Amazon Smile




Making a donation to Malaika or purchasing a gift through Amazon Smile will make more than one man happy. Your dad will be proud and a dad in Kalebuka, Democratic Republic of Congo, can tell his daughter she will receive school lessons at Malaika.

Happy Father’s Day from our family to yours.

I never thought my daughter would go to such a school. I wasn’t able to study because it was so expensive but I am proud that my daughter will be different, she will have more in life than I did.
Amos Chabu – father of Sarah, Grade 3B

I have seen Mamie change a great deal, she is so confident now. Sometimes I compare what she is studying with what children study in other schools and there is such a difference, Mamie is doing better than even the older children.
Amani Diomede – father of Mamie, Grade 4

I could not afford to send Rose to school. Now she gets an education and food because of Malaika. There is nothing else like Malaika here, not even in the city of Lubumbashi does anything compare to what our girls receive.
Jean Claude Kabey – father of Rose, Grade 3A