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We’re so impressed with Malaika’s STEM team harnessing technology into an immediate and concrete tool during this pandemic. Members of Covid19DRC, a new initiative between our local STEM staff and Dr. Jonathan Mboyo Esole, our special advisor, are using Malaika’s 3D printer to produce an initial 450 face shields.

These will be distributed to local hospitals at no cost, in order to protect doctors, nurses and first responders. Our goal is to reach 1000 masks, so medical workers on the front line have the protection they need. Amazing work and incredible use of technology, team!

Almost five years into the fifteen-year commitment towards the Global Goal, the UN estimates that over 265 million children are still out of school. In 2020, COVID-19 has all but stopped daily life around the globe, which means schools and learning centers, such as Malaika, were forced to close. The impact on education during this pandemic cannot yet be measured, but it will surely be widespread. On Thursday, May 7 at 2 p.m. GMT, Noella will take part in a webinar with World Humanitarian Forum as part of their digital ‘Education in Times of Crisis’ Series.

Join in this forum to learn about how education worldwide will be impacted as Noella joins Rt. Hon. Douglas Alexander, chair, UNICEF UK and Yasmine Sherif, director, Education Cannot Wait and Session Moderator Dr. Jon-Hans Coetzer from UNITARHQ. Register now at

English Version (Version française ci-dessous)

Dear Malaika family and friends,

As of Friday, 3/20, we have closed our school and community center for at least 30 days to help curb the spread of COVID-19 in the DRC. We are operating in accordance with DRC government guidelines and in the best interest of our community. We will continue to provide meals to our students in very small groups, and are communicating with community members on best practices to stay healthy.

The impact of the pandemic around the world will be profound and Kalebuka is no exception. This is a community where food security and a lack of sanitation infrastructure were already existing obstacles in everyday life. Most of the residents will lose the little income they earn due to the new country-wide restrictions. We are currently strategizing on how Malaika can safely support the community with basic food items during this crisis.

Our success has always been driven by the care and generosity of our supporters across the world. In the coming days, as we adjust to this new reality, we will share ways that you can help our girls and our community weather this storm.

Thank you for supporting us now and always.

Version française

Chers parents et amis Malaika,

Depuis le vendredi 20 mars 2020, nous avons fermé notre école et notre centre communautaire pendant au moins 30 jours pour aider à freiner la propagation de COVID-19 en RDC. Nous fonctionnons conformément aux directives du gouvernement de la RDC pour servir au mieux les intérêts de notre communauté. Nous continuerons à fournir des repas à nos élèves en très petits groupes, et nous communiquons avec les membres de la communauté sur les meilleures pratiques pour rester en bonne santé.

La pandémie aura un impact profond dans le monde entier et Kalebuka ne sera pas épargné. Cette communauté fait déjà face à des obstacles dans la vie quotidienne, tels que l’insécurité alimentaire et le manque d’infrastructures sanitaires. La plupart des habitants perdront le peu de revenus qu’ils gagnent dû aux nouvelles restrictions nationales. Nous sommes actuellement en train d’élaborer une stratégie visant à déterminer comment Malaika peut soutenir la communauté en toute sécurité en lui fournissant des denrées alimentaires de base pendant cette crise.

Notre succès a toujours été le fruit de la bienveillance et de la générosité de nos supporters à travers le monde. Dans les jours à venir, alors que nous nous adaptons à cette nouvelle réalité, nous vous ferons part des moyens que vous pouvez utiliser pour aider nos filles et notre communauté à surmonter cette épreuve.

Merci de nous accompagner maintenant et toujours.