A Hero’s Run 4 Malaika


Luti Masangu and Augustin Kivunghe galvanized friends, colleagues and co-workers to support Augustin’s run at the Brussels marathon on October 4th and donate in the name of Malaika. Augustin, a trained athlete, inspired a youthful community to cheer him on! With Luti’s enthusiasm and their community Facebook page www.facebook.com/Run4Malaika Luti and Augustin raised €4,650 / $5,290 which will sponsor the education of six girls at the Malaika School in DR Congo. Thank you Luti and Augustin for your hard work!


Luti and Augustin met Noella in New York six years ago. Luti was best friends with long-time supporter Corina Savvas and wanted to help as both Luti and Corina were born in Congo.

Can’t run a marathon? For more ideas on how you can send a girl to school in the Democratic Republic of Congo visit our web site www.malaika.org