Paving the Future for Higher Education

Through partnerships with local and international universities and institutions, Malaika is paving the way for girls’ higher education and ensuring that each student has a chance to fulfill their dreams. It is through this optic that we invited students from African Leadership Academy in South Africa to host a workshop on entrepreneurship called Build in a Box. This workshop helped the girls identify problems within their society and create solutions on their own through entrepreneurial means. Two of the teachers from the academy left inspired by their time at Malaika!

“My experience at the school has been both instructive and transformative for me, and I never felt as proud as I did at Malaika. At first, I was a bit worried because of the young age of the girls, but this challenged me to adapt my way of speaking, explaining, and even addressing a subject. I felt so welcome, everyone was smiling and approachable, and I learned a lot, particularly patience, hard work, perseverance, drive for success and the joy of living. It’s been an experience I will never forget.”
Marie-Paule Wauters

“While spending time with the Malaika students, I was impressed by their determination, hard work and values. That is what makes their students different and makes Malaika a model for other institutions!”
Exode Malengani