Sweet Skills for the Future

In every one of our girls is a unique mixture of talent, passion and skills that will lead to her success throughout school and beyond. This time, our students and staff showed a certain aptitude for sweetness.

A group of our girls were recently invited to take part in a cake-baking class, and they were delighted! Suze, Mariam and Jeanette had shown interest in baking when Sarah, a Belgian baker, visited Malaika last year. The girls participated in a pastry training, and the results were both gorgeous and delicious and reflected their personalities. They learned how to make and decorate cakes, something that takes practice and skill and which can potentially grow into a career.

Headmaster Sylvain tells us the cakes were a success. We’re already scheming for these young bakers to make something sweet for the whole school, and we’re sure they’ll be more than happy to oblige. It’s wonderful for our students to explore as many different subjects and interests as they can, and we’re grateful Chef Sarah provided this opportunity.

The girls presented their cakes to Headmaster Sylvain when they were done- we’re not sure he wanted to give them back!