Stopping By to Visit Our Students

Our students love having visitors! The girls at our school and youth and adults in our community center programs find local leaders, business people, creatives and others with an expertise or passion absolutely inspiring. Recently, we’ve had a number of interesting friends stop by.

Maxwell, an entrepreneur, came by with his colleague Adonis to meet our team and discuss volunteering their time and skills to the Malaika community. Aude will be teaching at an area school during the next year and plans to share her insights and tips with staff and students along the way. And Mukono Foundation came to meet with our girls and support them with supplies.

We were also so happy to see our friend Dorine Mokha! Dorine donated his birthday and goods to Malaika’s girls and has been an amazing, longtime supporter. We welcome birthday fundraisers and donations- find us on Facebook @MalaikaDRC to donate your birthday!