Staying Positive & Working Toward Her Goals

“During these weeks of lockdown, we were not allowed to go to school,” says 16-year-old Horciline Kabaso, a Grade 3 student at Malaika’s secondary school.

School was forced to stay closed in January due to government-imposed lockdown related to COVID-19. We stayed in touch with our students all the while through distributing and collecting homework, meeting in small groups and keeping an eye on our girls. Lockdown was tough on them, but they persevered.

Horciline wishes to be a lawyer after her studies.

“I took this opportunity to help my parents with daily chores, read my notes, and do the exercises that school provides us with every week. Working alone is good, but sometimes challenging! It was difficult to solve equations in math, chemistry, and physics. But when school reopens soon, I will get help from my teachers and classmates,” she says.

I will keep being positive and optimistic that Covid19 will fully disappear one day and let us lead our lives normally. I believe in my studies and in myself, and I want all the girls to believe in their potential and to keep learning.”

Update: School reopened Monday, Feb. 22 and Horciline is now back at it, tackling her studies and staying positive.