Sponsorship stories: Anoiritte

For Anoiritte Monga Nsenga, education is the most important pillar of life.

“If a woman is educated, she becomes useful to her family, to and in her community, and in short, to society,” the 4th primary student says. But her education might not have been possible without her sponsor, who she sees as a parent who took on the responsibility of ensuring she would attend school.

“My sponsor helps me by paying for my studies and giving me everything (school supplies, food at school, my uniforms, my sports clothes), so she helps me while considering me to be her own daughter. Her sponsor, Malaika Program Assistant Marta Reed, agrees there is a special connection between her family and her sponsor girl.

“Sponsoring Anoritte is not only special because we are supporting her education, but it opens the eyes of my children to know she is the same age as my eldest daughter and to see how differently they are going through life. It teaches my children and me that we need to be grateful for what we have, and education is something that brings people together no matter their background,” Reed says.

Anoiritte is one of so many girls from the Kalebuka area, who have incredible drive and a passion for learning but whose families could not afford to send them to school. Sponsoring a girl is an incredible gift that changes her life, her family’s life and that of the greater community, while creating a lifelong bond between sponsor and student. We’re searching for sponsors for 10 girls for the new school year. Consider becoming a sponsor today- we’ll send you updates on your student several times each year and you can keep in touch if you’d like through letters, emails or even Skype. Email us at info@malaika.org or sign up at www.malaika.org/donate.