Sponsor a Malaika Girl!

We provide our 370 students with a truly holistic, top-notch education. This is especially important in a part of the world where they might otherwise not have much opportunity for schooling at all.

Our girls’ primary and secondary curriculum, taught in French and English, is heavily focused on STEM and includes such subjects as coding, music, theater, sport and art, preparing our girls to compete with their peers worldwide. 

Annual sponsorship covers the cost of providing each girl with a well-rounded education, as well as a nutritious breakfast and lunch every day, two school uniforms, sports clothing and equipment, books, school supplies, regular health check-ups, extracurricular activities and field trips.

Sponsors receive regular updates on their girls’ progress in school, along with photos and academic results. They can also write to or arrange Skype calls with their students, in order to get to know them better. This is a very special opportunity to make a massive difference in the life of a Congolese girl, who will then be able to pursue her dreams while lifting up herself, her family and her community as a whole.

Start your sponsorship today by email us at info@malaika.org or setting up a recurring donation at www.malaika.org/donate!