Self-Motivated Volunteer Teaches Students

For five weeks over the summer, one of our volunteers from London, Diana De Cendres, taught English and led workshops on poetry, reading, and other fun activities for our students at the school. She connected with our students and staff, and made sure our girls had fun while learning during their summer break! Diana has raised funds for Malaika by running a marathon, funded her own travel to Kalebuka and brought a suitcase full of school supplies. It’s great to see young women committing themselves to helping others and taking such strides to have an impact. Thank you, Diana!

“The work of Malaika is more than what we see in pictures and videos. It’s a place full of highly-skilled staff and motivated students. It’s such a privilege to volunteer there teaching girls English and other extracurricular activities. They are so keen to learn and make the most of every given opportunity. As a Congolese woman, Malaika has given me hope of a better future for our country, particularly for girls for whom education isn’t a priority. I felt at home and appreciative of the opportunity to spend my summer holiday in Kalebuka. My only wish is to go back, and to go back very soon.”

Diana De Cendres