Running For Calm: Jolie’s Story

We recently spent a week highlighting our sports programs on our social media, in order to emphasize the important role they play at Malaika. We use sports as a platform for social change, we use them to teach equality, we use them for health, to bring the community together and, of course, for fun.

Jolie Kaj Mujinga is a 3rd year secondary student who loves our athletics program.

“I like running as it helps me get rid of stress, but also I like athletics for fitness,” says the 14 year old, who first joined Malaika nine years ago. Jolie walks to school from only 15 minutes away and says her favorite subject when she’s not on the track or field is French.

We are proud of our sports program and love what a healthy outlet is for our girls and community members, and we’ll continue to grow it as much as we can!