Reflections in the DRC: Sonya Shannon

After 8 years of working and volunteering with Malaika, I can honestly say the work continues to feel as fresh and new as it did the first day and this visit to Kalebuka was no different. Over the two weeks in country, much was accomplished, including meetings with potential partners, check-ins with project trainers and staff and a personal favorite of mine, connecting with the community members to speak directly one on one about their thoughts regarding our ongoing projects in terms of personal impact, as well as their needs. To hear what we can do as an organization to improve what we are aiming to achieve on the ground everyday. At the end of the day that’s what its all about. Working to improve the quality of life for women, girls, youth and the community at large. It’s a coordinated effort. One which takes the focus and passion of a committed team.  I’m sure when I say this I not only speak for myself but for staff and volunteers around the globe. Its worth the effort. Every bit!