Quotes: Our May Visitors

Lebogang Chaka

Strategic Advisor and Global Speaker

Afro Visionary Legacy

“In my language there is a proverb that says “Bitso lebe ke seromo”” which means “what you name a child they become”… In Malaika, I found a school birthed by an angel name Noella and surrounded by earth angels….I see Malaika schools in every village across Africa…The ecosystem and the impact in the community is a model that personifies Africa’s renewal led by Africans….Malaika reminds us that our lives are simply a representation of our dreams that we have refused to give up on and in us perusing these dreams as Noella and the team at Malaika have done, so the dreams of others are realized!”

Vania Leles

Founder of  VANLELES Fine Jewelry

“For me it’s very important to know that the dollars we donate to a charity has an immediate impact on improving the lives that matter and Malaika does just that. To see 90% of your donation going straight to where it is needed is a blessing, it’s necessary and morally correct! We love Malaika because 90% of the funds raised go straight in to the community, the school and the schools programs. The charity has only one employee outside Lubumbashi, Congo. Every paid employee lives there. The teachers are paid above the national wages. From kindergarten to high school for over 280 girls all attend for free. Including the two meals per day during school term and off term one meal a day plus extracurricular programs. The school provides hygiene supplies for teenagers and has a water well program being open around the region, so far 9 wells. All built brick by brick by the visionary Noella. Amen to that! And I think this is the future of the charity organizations.”


Ndapwilapo Selma Shimutwikeni

Managing Director

Rich Africa Co

“As a former refugee, my visit to Malaika reinforced

the power of vision, love and purpose to positively change lives. Malaika is a phenomenal example of Africans creating holistic solutions to make a difference in our communities.

There is a quote that says ‘If you build it, they will come’…  which reminds of Malaika. I applaud Noella and her amazing team for educating and empowering our girls to be the leaders of tomorrow.”


Gavin Du Venage


“The Malaika School for Girls is a gateway to a new Congo. It is an island of peace and security where children can spend their days learning and cared for. I can see why the government is considering using it as a template for future education across the country. The Congo is a tough country to grow up in, but the school provides an alternative view of life for its young students.

The girls are full of energy – and questions! They are confident and will batter a visitor with all kinds of queries and keep you on your toes. They seem endlessly curious about the world. Which, I would suppose is a natural result of the quality education they receive.

What makes Malaika special is that it’s not a charity brought in from the outside, but an evolved project from local efforts. And, the founder Noella Cousaris is herself from the Congo, from the very same village that the school is established in. But while it’s a local solution for a local challenge, the school is a model that could comfortably be applied elsewhere.”

Wendy Motsa

Managing Director
Kusile Properties

As a parting quote for the girls, I would like to say to them, “Believe in yourself and your capabilities and you will realize your potential.”


Max Jarrett

“I was completely blown away by the school and the realizations that a small organization has done in the community and that is a positive inspiration to all of us. During my talks with the girls I was pleased to see their quest for knowledge and these are signs of a school that does what it’s supposed to do by cultivating the spirit of the girls to want to learn more. I am determined to give back like Noella to help my country of origin Liberia to have a school like hers. Malaika is doing a great work and I amend it and I’m willing to help them any way I can to help them continue growing.”