Our Supporter Kyria

One of our young supporters Kyria ran a fundraiser and donated all proceeds to Malaika. Her generosity serves as a role model for our students. When asked about why she’s committed to Malaika’s mission, Kyria replied:


“From my very first encounter with Malaika I was inspired by what the school has provided for my community and as a Congolese native, getting involved was so important to me. I worked with Emma and other world-changing volunteers, and together we initiated my first fundraiser, which I held right at home in Columbus, Ohio. I hosted a mini-lemonade stand at my high school’s annual Community Day and, through that event, Malaika gained even more exposure and praise for all of the phenomenal work that continues to be done. The “mini” fundraiser raised $100 within two hours which, to me, was a success and after the first, successful fundraiser I felt confident that I could really make a difference. Therefore, in the summer of 2018, I actually took a trip down to Lubumbashi and was introduced to all of the incredible staff and students. Although the visit was only for a couple of days, I can say that I gained so much from the girls. They shared their dreams and aspirations with me and even taught me a few words in Swahili. I genuinely enjoyed my time at the Malaika School and hope to return!


This past fall, I proposed another fundraising event to my manager at Katzinger’s Deli and this time around I sold cupcakes. It went on for about a week and was another success, reaching an even larger audience and raising even more than before. In the future I plan to continue supporting Malaika as they work to expand their already exceptional educational program.”


A big thank you to Kyria!