Our Country Manager in Nairobi

Stefan, Sarah, Julia et Ange-Marie


Malaika was proud to send Sarah Kalumba, our Country Manager, to the Football for Hope adidas Exchange Programme in Nairobi, Kenya. The meeting of representatives from FIFA community centers took place at the Mathare Football for Hope Centre with workshops devoted to monitoring and evaluating the progress at all the Football for Hope Centres. There were opportunities for everyone to exchange ideas and  learn from other organizations.

Presentation of community engagement copy


Sarah was invited to give a separate presentation on community involvement since Malaika was recognized as a organization that does this particularly well.  The community center in Kalebuka focuses on utilizing health, education and football as development tools to improve quality of life for the local youth and community. Find out more about the KFFH Center or make a donation directly to this special place by visiting www.malaika.org/community