Noella & Elvis at Concordia

We were so pleased to have two of our team members join in Concordia’s 10th annual this fall. This year’s summit was digital, gathering a community of diverse perspectives tackling the biggest issues facing today’s world.

While Elvis Nshimba, Malaika’s programs and evaluations manager, spoke alongside a panel of amazing voices about the growing role of sports, players and leaders in positively addressing issues of inequality, social issues and health across the globe. He also discussed the role of world leaders and organizations in addressing today’s challenges.

Elvis found it exciting to speak at the summit.

“Conscious of how important the summit was, I realized that it was a responsibility upon my shoulders to best represent Malaika. During the summit, it was rather easy and I felt confident enough to speak up,” he says.

Noella was grateful to once again be a part of this summit as well, this time as host. She found the discussions to be very productive and important and loved hosting alongside such an intelligent group of leaders, thinkers and change makers.