Noella at Forbes Leading Women Summit

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Forbes hosted its Leading Women Summit in Durban, South Africa. Noella joined alongside other inspiring females who are each making their own impact and was honored to deliver a speech. It is always a privilege to be able to speak about Malaika and the value of empowering girls through education. On her experience, Noella stated,

“Thank you to Forbes for giving me the opportunity to speak at the Leading Women Summit on Women’s Day. It meant a lot to me to be in Africa on such an important day. The talk gave me the chance to tell my story, and to discuss the mission of Malaika. My dream is to see one of our students take my place on that stage one day and tell her own story, thus highlighting the importance of investing in high-quality education.”

A big thank to Forbes for providing this platform so that all these incredible women can share their accomplishments!