Honor a mother, support a daughter

As we honor the women who have made us who we are on Mother’s Day, we want to invite you to join us for a special campaign to support the mothers Malaika is helping in DRC.

Being a mother in DRC is not an easy task. Surviving childbirth in some parts of the country is nothing short of a miracle, and child mortality rates are still incredibly high. But there is also another story that isn’t being told about the mothers in DRC: the one about their resilience and their incredible drive to elevate their children and their communities.

We see it every day in Kalebuka: mothers supporting their girls in our School, but also working hard through our Mama Ya Mapendo program at the Community Center to generate an income for them and their families. Their commitment to a brighter future for all is one of the engines of our work at Malaika.

Why not make it an actual gift to your mother or a woman in your life? You can make your donation in honor of someone, and we will send them an email sharing your gift and wishing them a Happy Mother’s Day!

“I want my daughter to study and finish her studies”

“She studies French and English very well, so she has become independent. Thank you so much for giving us Malaika.”

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Teacher Rebecca on the importance of Kalebuka’s mothers

They understand the importance of education and are ready to go the extra mile to support their daughters.

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