Musical Education

A big part of education goes beyond books and formulas. Music is a huge part of Malaika, and we were happy to have Kaori Fujii visit us. She is a flutist, teacher, and founder of Music Beyond, Inc. – a non-profit dedicated to bringing music to underprivileged regions of the world. Her appreciation of music translated over to the girls, who were eager to learn.

Kaori commented, “Malaika is a school filled with joy and hope. All the students are passionate and all the teachers and staff are dedicated. The school is a community where everyone knows and trusts each other. Through this true family feel, coupled with an impressive facility, Malaika is creating a powerful space where every girl can freely learn and explore while the adults encourage and support them with open hearts. The smart, adventurous, kind, and empowered Malaika girls are the future of the DRC. I am 100% behind this beautiful community!”

We were so grateful to have Kaori visit and share her passion and insight with the students. Thank you Kaori!