Meet Natacha, Our Dear Secretary

Natacha Mosakwa Bayindo has been Malaika’s Secretary for ten years. She is a crucial part of our team and cherished member of our family as she inspires our students with her hard work and dedication. When asked to reflect on her time so far at Malaika, she said,

“It’s been years that I’ve been at Malaika. I enjoy my time at the school because we prioritize the education of young girls. I love being around children, as they have such incredible imaginations. Listening to their stories, as well as helping them be the best they can be, creates precious memories for me. To me, Malaika represents many things: I’ve acquired knowledge in school management and administration, and have hopefully helped to improve the lives of our students as well as the community of Kalebuka.”

We are so lucky to have Natacha as a member of our team. Her invaluable spirit and devotion are cherished by so many, and we would like to extend a big thank you!

We also want to congratulate her on the birth of her baby a few days ago!