Meet Francoise

“My name is Francoise Buzilu.  I was born in a family of six children including four boys and two girls and I have been enrolled at the Malaika School since I was 6 years old.  Now I am 11 years old and I feel really lucky to have been selected as a student at Malaika because apart from the free education I receive, Malaika is also a family for me.

This year was a painful year for me because I lost my mother who died after giving birth to my younger brother. I did not know what was going to happen, but my school has always been there to comfort me, encourage me and now support my brother, so I quickly regained strength and continued to study normally. I think this event has again awakened in me that desire to become a doctor to help bring good care to people who suffer, so I can save people’s lives.”

May was a month of tragedy at Malaika with the shocking passing of Francoise’ mother who passed after a painful delivery.  Fortunately the baby was saved. The news was received with much sadness by both students and teachers and we immediately sent a delegation of her classmates, other students and teachers to comfort her personally. Amazingly, she returned to school a few days later with more motivation and she successfully passed all her year-end tests. With such triumph during a profoundly difficult time, she was proclaimed: “The bravest girl”.