Kyria’s Visit to Malaika: You Will Change the World

I was first introduced to Malaika through the Wendy Williams show, where Eve spoke about the Malaika School. I began to do my own research when I heard it was located in the DR Congo. From there, I reached out and began to plan events and fundraisers. My first one was small—just a lemonade stand at my high school. I raised $100 that day and gained many donors who were impressed with Malaika.

What I love most about Malaika is the students’ engagement with the teachers. I saw this firsthand when I visited. The students enjoy their time and are free to express their talents, learn new things, and truly reach their potential. Malaika is like a second home to the students, something I found to be so beautiful. I was also able to visit the garden, which provides food for students, staff, and the community.

Lastly, I absolutely admire the power Malaika instills in these young girls’ hearts. They are given hope, purpose, and the belief that they have power to make their dreams come true if they put the effort in.

Never give up girls! You can and WILL change the world.