Introducing Moise Lumbala Nguz

Malaika was honored to welcome an outstanding person to our team this year. Moise Lumbala Nguz, our new Assistant for 3rd grade, holds Malaika’s qualities in his outstanding character, charisma, and goal of empowering girls through education. These things, alongside his incredible ability to work with our other staff members, prove that he will be able to make incredible progress for the Malaika School and our girls. Our Country Director, Sarah Kalumba, had the opportunity to sit down with him and ask some questions.

Sarah Kalumba: First off, Moise, welcome to Malaika! We’re very happy to have you here. My first question is, why did you want to become a teacher at Malaika?

Moise Lumbala Nguz: I came into the organisation with a vision to help make Malaika’s dream a reality by using what I’ve gained from my teaching career. I want to help empower the girls to make them tomorrow’s leaders.

SK: What are you most excited about as a teacher at Malaika’s School for Girls?

MLN: I have seen gender discrimination firsthand and want to fight to teach girls and women their true value. By achieving this, women and girls will know they are capable of overcoming any kind of situation that they encounter in their lives because they are educated. In my country, as everywhere else, women are capable of accomplishing many things and sometimes they don’t realize their strength. Malaika is inspiring the people who will influence our world tomorrow and this is what makes me most excited because I know that what I do today will impact the world tomorrow.

SK: How was your very first day teaching?

MLN: My first day of teaching was great. I found the integration into the staff to be easy as everyone was so friendly and accommodating. I also had a great reception from the Malaika girls. Everything was fantastic!