Introducing Anna Wa Kingomb

“Hi, I’m Anna and I’m 9 years old. It’s just me, my three big sisters, one little brother, and my mom; my father died when I was young. Two of them work at Shalina, and the other goes to school. Neighbors help us with food. On school days, I wake up at 6:30am to get water. Then I bathe and put on my uniform. When I walk slowly, it takes me 20 minutes to get to school. Other days, I can do it in 10. After school, I play with my friends. But if I have homework, I do that first. I love to study—my favorite subject is science, specifically anatomy. I would like to be a minister one day, as I enjoy educating others.”

When Anna’s father tragically passed away, the family had to come up with a way to move forward. Anna and one of her other sister go to school. Anna’s commitment to school has motivated other students to work with her and improve their own scores. Anna, her mother, and her siblings have found different ways to persevere in uncertain times.

Your support would provide more stability to Anna as she continues to receive an familyeducation. You can donate school supplies or an entire year of schooling here – .