Hurr x Malaika

Fashion for a cause is something we can really get behind. In conjunction with International Day of the Girl Child, Noella and Malaika were part of the launch of an incredible collaboration with a group of powerhouse women last week to raise awareness of and support for our programming. For the #imwithHURR campaign, ladies in leadership roles ranging from June Sarpong OBE to Stylist Bettina Looney and Designer Roksanda donated unique pieces for sale or for rent. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to Malaika!

This campaign was truly a group effort, with so many women giving so much of their time, all because they believe in empowering girls. It also highlights sustainability in fashion, and generally sends out a message globally of fashion for a cause and the importance of girls education. To the team at Hurr Collective, Malaika ambassador Charlie Collins and everyone else who worked so hard to make this happen, we are beyond grateful. Your efforts not only spread the word about Malaika’s mission to young women across the world, but they mean so much to our girls. Thank you all for your individual time and talents and beauty. You rocked it! Shop or learn more about the campaign here.