Honoring our dads on Father’s Day

Do you ever hear your dad’s words in your head, “No, don’t worry. You don’t have to get me anything for Father’s Day”. And he means it. For most dads, being an honorable father means sacrifice;  whether it’s forsaking a gift from his children or giving of time and money that is not readily available. One of the many lessons from our parents.



How can we repay our dad on Father’s Day for all the sacrifices he has made for his children?  We can honor our dads by remembering his teachings.

Make a sacrifice. Give up the extra dessert and trimmings on Sunday and make a donation in honor of the important man in your life at www.malaika.org/donate

Be open minded and purchase a present through an organization that gives back Amazon Smile




Making a donation to Malaika or purchasing a gift through Amazon Smile will make more than one man happy. Your dad will be proud and a dad in Kalebuka, Democratic Republic of Congo, can tell his daughter she will receive school lessons at Malaika.

Happy Father’s Day from our family to yours.

I never thought my daughter would go to such a school. I wasn’t able to study because it was so expensive but I am proud that my daughter will be different, she will have more in life than I did.
Amos Chabu – father of Sarah, Grade 3B

I have seen Mamie change a great deal, she is so confident now. Sometimes I compare what she is studying with what children study in other schools and there is such a difference, Mamie is doing better than even the older children.
Amani Diomede – father of Mamie, Grade 4

I could not afford to send Rose to school. Now she gets an education and food because of Malaika. There is nothing else like Malaika here, not even in the city of Lubumbashi does anything compare to what our girls receive.
Jean Claude Kabey – father of Rose, Grade 3A