Gloria’s Thoughts On the Environment

These past few weeks surrounding World Environment Day, we’ve been focusing on the environment and sustainability and Malaika’s initiatives that relate to these important focal points. We asked a few staff members and students to share their thoughts on environmental education and the importance of Malaika’s approach. See Gloria’s Chabu’s thoughts below!

What have you learned at Malaika about the environment / sustainability?

I learned that the environment is any natural object which surrounds us which we have the obligation to use it rationally for not only our interest but also for that of the others.

Why is this important? 

This is very important because it is everyone’s responsibility to become aware of the urgency of protecting the environment. Nature is so beautiful, and we have to preserve it.

What do you try to teach people in your village about taking care of their environment?

I try to educate people (friends) not to throw waste on the ground, not to use plastic packaging, not to cut trees and not to burn to produce smoke in large quantities.

Thank you, Gloria!