From Holland and Belgium to Malaika

The staff and students welcomed Mr. and Mrs De Vries, a couple who have founded a non-profit called “Les enfants de Opa”.  This is a foundation that is based in Holland but will work with African children in the future.  Recognizing the thousands of orphaned children in Lubumbashi, many of whom are living on the streets, Mr. and Mrs. De Vries are seeking to house and educate children and teens. They had the opportunity to visit classes at the school. and learn of the numerous sports, health and job initiatives offered
at the community center.
.DeVries5 DeVries7
It’s always exciting to have first time visitors! Professors from Belgium were eager to learn of the holistic curriculum taught at school. In an effort to maintain high educational standards for its students, Malaika is looking for Belgian teachers to participate in its
classes on a regular basis and train our teachers with some of the teaching techniques utilized in Belgium.
Belgianteachers Belgianteachers3