Myriam, Never Forgotten

Two years ago, Myriam, one of our Grade 1 students, passed away from complications of malaria while on her Christmas break. She was a great student and a wonderful friend. Her life and bright smile will never be forgotten. This tragedy can inspire us to continue to improve access to proper healthcare and medical centers. We miss Myriam dearly and can only hope that we will see a greater difference in the accessibility of medicine and help in undeserved communities.

Anoiritte Monga Nsenga is six-years-old and a Grade 1 student at Malaika. She is a very bright student, with an even brighter smile.  She has five older siblings. Anoiritte’s favorite color is blue, so she loves the Malaika School uniform. She’s so happy when the Malaika cafeteria serves rice and fish for lunch. Her favorite part of school is music class and she dreams of being a doctor one day.

You can help fulfill other girls’ dreams like Anoiritte’s by clicking here.

It’s almost Noella’s birthday (December 25th!), and she would love nothing more than to receive a gift for Malaika. It is her dream to see a generation of brilliant female leaders and a brighter Democratic Republic of the Congo, and a small donation to help cover the cost of a girl’s education is one step towards fulfilling that goal.

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Thank you for the continuous support, we couldn’t do it without you! From everyone on behalf of Malaika, we wish you and your families a wonderful holiday and new year. We are happy to have had another successful year and look forward to growing together. Happy holidays!


Born in Lubumbashi on April 3, 2001, I am the first born of eight kids, with six girls and two boys. When I heard about the Center, I was eager to attend programs and learn because my family wasn’t able to pay for my studies. During my time there, I learned to read and write and became very interested in football. I hope to become an international football player, help my family, and contribute to the development of my country, especially poorer communities. I give many thanks to Malaika and my message to them is “DON’T GIVE UP” because they’ve done so much good.

Such a joy to see the impact of our community center with FIFA. I remember when we started having the conversation about a potential collaboration over the phone, then meetings and eventually going to the DRC and building this center of hope and learning for our students, their families, and every resident in the village. It became a reality and now more than 5,000 people a year attend our sports, literacy, and health programs. 

At the beginning I was reluctant, along with our team, to take on another project that didn’t revolve around the school, but now I can’t imagine Malaika without the center – our school and community center complement each other, and thousands have a better quality of life because of the programs the center provides. 

We’ve also collaborated with Coaches Across Continents to create social and recreational programs that highlight such societal issues such as gender equality and HIV prevention, as well as Drop Malaria to distribute 9,000 insecticide-treated bed nets across Kalebuka to reduce the infection rate in the village. Leadership sometimes means partnering with other organizations who have a common drive, so as to empower every single person we can – and we’re proud to be working with these incredible organizations. 

-Noella Coursaris Musunka


I was born in Likasi, outside of Lubumbashi, on February 19, 1999 to my father, Kabangala, and mother, Kalenga. When I was three, my father passed away and my life was forever changed. I came to know about Malaika’s Community Center through my aunt, who herself is learning how to read and write there. I feel more fulfilled than ever before and see how the programs at the Center have changed my daily life. I didn’t know how to read and write well before, and now not only can I read and write in French, but I’m also learning English and gaining computer skills. I believe that one day I will be able to engage more with my community and have more of a role in my village, my country and even worldwide. I very much enjoy playing football as well, it is where I feel most confident, and am very thankful to Malaika for everything they’ve given me.

On October 24th, many gathered for a night of beautiful songs at the stunning Gloucester Cathedral. We are very grateful to Andrew Marshall for organizing this concert, the third one he has put on to raise funds and awareness of Malaika’s work in the DRC. Fairport Convention and the Malaika Choir gave us a wonderful show! It was a huge success and their talent was incredible.

Andrew commented, “When we look back at our lives, we can pick out moments that gave us great joy, pride, pain or sorrow. On putting on the annual Malaika concerts at Gloucester Cathedral, I feel an enormous sense of pride that people have enjoyed a wonderful night of high-class music, but more so in that it is helping raising awareness of the work of Malaika, knowing that this is making a real and positive difference to the girls of the future. I feel chuffed to bits.”

Thank you again to Andrew and Fairport Convention and the Malaika Choir! Please enjoy some photos below.

The Malaika girls took a break from the books and had the wonderful opportunity to attend workshops held by the Young Working Ladies, founded by Noella Kalambayi. Their goal is to empower young women through vocational and entrepreneurial training, emphasizing on a woman’s ability to discover her potential and impact the world. By preparing, informing, and training young women, they can transform into independent developers and leaders in society. The visit to the school was a big success as the students not only learned a lot but had fun too! Noella commented, “Malaika’s administration is well-organized, all the staff is friendly and kind, they know how to welcome people. We had everything we needed for training. The girls are amazing, very intelligent, polite, and well-trained. It was good to spend time with them; they inspire from their attitudes and ideas.”

A big thank you to Noella and her team for visiting and training the girls! Enjoy some photos below.