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We would like to thank Becky Lowten from the UK, for donating her time to make our girls 70 dresses! She sewed dresses for the girls in our kindergarten and first year classes.

We were able to give them to the girls just in time for Christmas, and with each dress being slightly different, our girls felt very loved.

We also wish to thank Becky’s sewing circle for their help, and to those who donated fabric.

Our girls were happy to finish the first trimester of the school year, and we were so proud of their hard work!

Last summer our teachers participated in an intensive training course and they have put their newly acquired skills and knowledge to great use. We can see the difference in our students and in their results.

Thank you to our devoted staff who work tirelessly for their community! It is because of them that we can offer a quality education to 202 girls.

New African Magazine has featured Malaika’s founder Noëlla Coursaris Musunka as one of the Most Influential Africans of 2014. Noëlla is honored to appear in the in the Civil Society & Action section.

You can see the full list on Issuu.


The model turned humanitarian

Noëlla Coursaris may be a professional model but her passion lies in promoting education, particularly that of girls, in her homeland if DRC. Founder of the Georges Malaika Foundation, which has built a free accredited school for over 180 girls in Kalebuka, Coursaris has used her status to provide for girls whose circumstances are not so different to her own when she was young. In 2014, she continued to develop her school, as well as speaking, advocating and fundraising for women affected by war in her home country at various international forums, She is also involved in the “Women Helping Women” initiative, which enhances access to clean water.


Malaika extends our gratitude to eSyllabus for Africa for their donation of 20 tablet computers for our school.

eSyllabus for Africa is non-profit that is dedicated to assisting schools in African nations with digital libraries for e-learning programs. They have demonstrated now the leading e-learning NGO in Africa with regards to the numbers of the students involved in our programs.

The tablets are a key component to our growing library, allowing access to e-learning programs, and countless ebooks. They also give the girls access to the internet, so they can expand their learning through self-initiated research.

They were overwhelmed with emotions when they saw younger pictures of themselves on Malaika’s website. They have been using this technology with enthusiasm and taking wonderful pictures.

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We are delighted to present Sarah Kalumba as Malaika’s new Country Manager.

Sarah joined us as the Manager of the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center, and she quickly showed us her enormous drive, passion, and skill set. We feel lucky to have such an incredible young lady working with us.

After a few months in the role, Sarah shared with us what it means for her to be in such a position:

“Being Country Manager is very challenging and it means that I am assuming many responsibilities. At the same time though, it is an amazing opportunity for me to grow and to help Malaika and its projects prosper. I am very lucky to be working with such a wonderful team of people who are passionate about helping those in need. The greatest joy I find in working with Malaika is seeing the results that are accomplished in the lives of each person that is touched.”

The Kalebuka Football for Hope Center was very proud to receive some illustrious guests.

Comedian Eddie Kadi was joined by Yannick Bolasie and Gabriel Zakuani of the English Premier League teams Crystal Palace and Peterborough United, as well as the DRC’s national team. They played football with the local youth and dazzled us with their skills.

Eddie KadiYannick BolasieGabriel Zakuani

Malaika is thrilled to announce that our Founder Noëlla has been listed by Together for Girls as of of Safe’s 50 global heroes committed to ending violence against children around the world.

The Model – Noella Coursaris Musunka: Founder of Malaika.

Musunka was born in Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Seeing how rape was used as a weapon of war led the model to affect change through her own storytelling and actions. When her father passes away at five, she was sent to live with relatives in Switzerland, where she got an education, and was hits as a model. She travelled the world with brands like Agent Provocateru, Virgin and Apple; along the way, she used her access to diplomats and people of influence to help change public opinion. She founded Malaika in her father’s honor. The U.S.-based organization helps Congolese women get ahead through education. They help girls secure the resources necessary to go to school. She is also building schools herself. She spoke about the violence faced by women in the Eastern Congo in front of the Parliament of the DRC. She is a model in more ways than one.

You can read the article on Issuu.

Safe Magazine - 2  Safe Magazine - 3

We would like to thank Luti Masangu and his family for sponsoring our girl Abigael.

Sponsoring one of our students not only changes the trajectory of her life, but the future of her community.

Click here if you would also like to give the priceless gift of sponsorship.