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We want our mission toward equality and empowerment of girls and all individuals to spread across all sectors. So it’s always amazing to have the opportunity to collaborate with an incredible, women-powered organization in order to bring broader change and awareness.

We’re delighted to partner with the ladies at Emily Burnett New York for a scarf collaboration, which spreads the word about Malaika while supporting our programming with a percentage of profits.

We love Burnett’s designs and even more, we love how much their team strives to use their fashion platform to make an impact and lift up individuals and organizations.

This 100 percent silk scarf, made in Italy, is a gorgeous design incorporating Malaika student drawings. Get yours before they’re gone here.

Malaika x Burnett

Throughout the past year, our friends and supporters have consistently been creative and constant in their support of Malaika and in finding ways to connect.

Such was the case with Helmer Lifestyle, a brand we love who is striving to make a difference through slow fashion and supporting important causes across the globe. The team at Helmer hosted a virtual retreat last month, where incredible female teachers, healers and mentors taught and led classes meant to inspire, nurture and help participants grow. Not only was this such a great opportunity for the women who took part to connect in a meaningful and beneficial event, but all proceeds went toward Malaika’s programming in DRC!

Thank you to the teachers who donated their time, energies and expertise to our girls and their community. We’re so grateful to the ladies at Helmer for organizing this successful fundraiser to support Malaika- THANK YOU! Shop Helmer’s collection at www.hel-mer.com.

Noella loves every opportunity she has to talk about Malaika’s incredible students and programs through telling her own story. In a world inundated with virtual meetings of every type due to COVID, we’ve been grateful to have Noella speak in a number of digital forums, panels and talks.

Recently, Noella spoke with the ladies at Female Quotient for their Global Dinner series, bringing together female change makers and thinkers to connect, collaborate and work toward equality while sharing an evening with each other from their own homes.

Noella especially enjoys speaking with youth who want to learn about the world and how they can play a role in having an impact and making positive change. Such was the case with Warwick Africa Summit, a student conference full of brilliant and diverse minds discussing Africa’s past, present and future.

It was also insightful and a joy to be part of Harvard Business School’s Women in Business conference, celebrating dynamic women also striving toward equality and social justice worldwide.

We’re thankful for the technology that has allowed us to spend time together and connect in unique circumstances that might otherwise not have happened.

It’s truly wonderful when entrepreneurs and industry leaders want to use their voices, brands or positions to support Malaika’s work in Kalebuka. Despite hardship stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been approached by several brands for collaborations during the past few months.

These women-led organizations typically use their platform to raise awareness about Malaika’s girls and their communities in DRC while garnering support through fundraiser drives or donation a percentage of profits.

Davina Jael, a Congolese-born broker turned luxury candle maker, recently asked us if she could support Malaika while launching her brand, Serenity By Jael. She, like so many others in the diaspora, wanted to give back to her home country while lifting up girls. Shop her collection and support Malaika at www.serenitybyjael.com.

Casa Raki, a women-led beachwear brand, wanted to team up to raise awareness about the power of females while donating 25 percent of select designs to Malaika during the month of March in celebration of International Women’s Day! We love sustainable fashion for a good cause. Visit www.casaraki.com to shop their gorgeous designs.

We’re so grateful to be part of a movement using fashion and design as a platform to raise up girls across the globe. Thank you to all of our partners and collaborators!

Making art on the walls isn’t only allowed at Malaika- it’s encouraged! Our girls loved recreating pieces by artist David aiu Servan-Schreiber as murals in their classroom. David’s beautiful moon-like designs, surrounded by words of encouragement in French, are truly beautiful. The process was not only a fantastic, creative learning experience for students, but they enjoy looking at their work and David’s creations every day they’re at school.

This was the third such project coordinated by our ambassador Marine Tanguy through her art gallery’s network. Thank you to Marine and David for providing this special opportunity for our girls!

We provide our 370 students with a truly holistic, top-notch education. This is especially important in a part of the world where they might otherwise not have much opportunity for schooling at all.

Our girls’ primary and secondary curriculum, taught in French and English, is heavily focused on STEM and includes such subjects as coding, music, theater, sport and art, preparing our girls to compete with their peers worldwide. 

Annual sponsorship covers the cost of providing each girl with a well-rounded education, as well as a nutritious breakfast and lunch every day, two school uniforms, sports clothing and equipment, books, school supplies, regular health check-ups, extracurricular activities and field trips.

Sponsors receive regular updates on their girls’ progress in school, along with photos and academic results. They can also write to or arrange Skype calls with their students, in order to get to know them better. This is a very special opportunity to make a massive difference in the life of a Congolese girl, who will then be able to pursue her dreams while lifting up herself, her family and her community as a whole.

Start your sponsorship today by email us at info@malaika.org or setting up a recurring donation at www.malaika.org/donate!

Among a group of incredible and varied trailblazing women, Harper’s Bazaar UK recently featured Noella. The article, “The New Change Makers,” highlights women ranging from a Sudanese poet/ activist to an AI Advocate.

It talks about the important work these women are doing throughout the world to pave the way for change where it is needed. We’re proud to have Noella and Malaika among this group. Read the full article here.

HURR Collective recently chose Malaika as their charity of the year, and we are so grateful! The brand, which just opened a new rental pop-up at Selfridges & Co., offers luxury fashion rentals for women. HURR featured Noella in its journal in January, in an interview centering on sustainability in fashion and Malaika’s work in DRC. We are all about promoting sustainability in ways big and small. Check out the article here.

Noella in Hurr