Fairport Convention and the Malaika Choir

On October 24th, many gathered for a night of beautiful songs at the stunning Gloucester Cathedral. We are very grateful to Andrew Marshall for organizing this concert, the third one he has put on to raise funds and awareness of Malaika’s work in the DRC. Fairport Convention and the Malaika Choir gave us a wonderful show! It was a huge success and their talent was incredible.

Andrew commented, “When we look back at our lives, we can pick out moments that gave us great joy, pride, pain or sorrow. On putting on the annual Malaika concerts at Gloucester Cathedral, I feel an enormous sense of pride that people have enjoyed a wonderful night of high-class music, but more so in that it is helping raising awareness of the work of Malaika, knowing that this is making a real and positive difference to the girls of the future. I feel chuffed to bits.”

Thank you again to Andrew and Fairport Convention and the Malaika Choir! Please enjoy some photos below.