Esther’s accident

When Esther, one of our first-grade girls, was absent from school for a few days, our staff went to check on her. They found Esther at home in very bad shape resulting from a motorcycle accident in which she was run over, leaving her leg terribly injured. Her parents were unable to afford to take Esther to the hospital, so Malaika immediately stepped in to help, quickly getting her to the hospital for the medical care she needed.

Esther will have a long road to a full recovery, but she is pushing through and will come out a stronger person. Had the quick-thinking Malaika staff not found Esther when they did, she may not be alive today.  We are extremely thankful for our staff and the doctors who took such good care of Esther, and we cannot thank all of you enough for your emails and your support for Esther.

Here at Malaika, we think and care about each one of our girls individually and are here to make sure that each is safe and healthy. Our parents were immediately informed of Esther’s condition, and we asked them to never leave their child without proper care due to lack of money, as Malaika is always there to help them.


Esther before her accident.