Ensuring Healthier Living: Malaika’s Well System

Malaika now operates 17 clean water wells, 13 of which were built in collaboration with the Vinmart and Voss Foundations and four of which were refurbished and brought back tointo working order.  Accessibility to uncontaminated water is a fundamental right that ensures healthier living. Over 30,000 people are benefiting from this well system, including this mother Annie Kabange, who is overjoyed at the positive impact the wells are having:


“We are very happy and feel lucky to have the well here. When we arrived here six years ago, we needed to travel more than one kilometer from home each day in order to get only 50 liters, and the water was not clean enough as we were getting it from an open well. We had no other choice, except to use it, and our children were sick all the time. But now we have access to water, and diseases like typhoid fever have disappeared from my house.” -Annie Kabange