Empowering a New Generation Through Sport

We’ve recently welcomed a new generation of children into our community center programming that we’d like to transform into future change agents through sports.

“They started learning about self confidence through oral expressions as our activities purposefully give them the opportunity,” says Programs and Evaluation Manager Elvis Nshimba. “We hope to help them grow in mind as they go with us through this process.”

Our campaign to enroll more youths into this initiative is part of our efforts to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls with Global Goal 5 (of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals). So far, we have more than 30 participants aged 5 to 7, and that number is growing. We not only foster a message of equality through girls and boys playing together starting at a young age, but we also use sport as a platform to address important social issues.

It’s so exciting to see a new cohort of youth join the Malaika family as they take part in programming that will allow them to learn, connect and thrive.