Eco-Friendliness, One Step at a Time

With the help of youth from the community center, we recently cleaned up an entire village. Now we see people making efforts to protect their environment by cleaning their plots and roads closest to their homes. Isabel Mbombo, a young girl from the community center, commented, “When we clean up the village, I feel proud because I am maintaining my environment. I’m happy that some people are prioritizing better practices to keep their environment clean. Since I started, I decided to keep doing it so as to have not only a clean community, but also a happier one.”

We are working to raise awareness of the need for a happy and clean environment through our community project that highlights the importance of environmental preservation. We’re excited to see more eco-friendly development in Kalebuka as we fulfill our role in promoting steps that make a beautiful world more possible. Both the Malaika School and community center are 100% powered by solar energy.