Connecting Education and the Environment

Our students often have to walk great distances to obtain such a basic necessity as water. We’re working to teach our girls and their communities about taking care of the earth and sustainable living. Read Audience’s thoughts below.

What have you learned at Malaika about the environment / sustainability?
I learned that the planet earth is threatened by not rational exploitation and that we must be aware of protecting it against this threat by avoiding cutting the plants, not throwing waste … so as not to pollute the atmosphere.

Why is water important? 
Water is essential to life. You cannot live without water. Water guarantees the balance of life for all those who live.

Do you have water in your home? 
No, we do not have a well with us because often the water is not suitable for consumption.

Is there a well you go to? 
We are looking for water at one of the wells that Malaika has made in my neighborhood.

How many kilometers do you walk to get there? 
Almost 900 meters 

What do you want people to know about the environment / sustainability?
I would like people to become aware of the danger facing our planet earth and that everyone is involved in saving it by avoiding burning the bush, cutting trees, using plastic bags, etc.