Community profile: Kibimbi Ladine

This month, Kibimbi Ladine spoke to us openly about the hardship of her life.

I was born in Lubumbashi in 1984. I don’t remember my family. My two siblings died when I was very young. My parents separated when I was two and I lived with my mother until she died. My father refused to look after me, so I was sent to live with my grandparents. They saw me as just another mouth to feed, and showed me no love or affection.

Even though I have a husband, life is still a big struggle. I did not complete school, so I am very happy to have the opportunity to study at the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center.

The Center is the only thing which helps me get through each day.

Although it makes us very sad to hear about Kibimbi Ladine’s story and the challenges she has in her life, we are so pleased that she is able to come to the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center, where she takes adult literacy classes.

We hope that her new education will help to improve her circumstances and that she finds the happiness she deserves.