Combating Malaria: Knowledge and Nets

With the contribution by Vestegaard SA, Malaika had recently distributed 2,000 more mosquito nets to he community as part of our Drop Malaria initiative. So far a total of 11,0000 nets have been provided to reduce the incidence of malaria rates, a deadly and widespread disease. In addition, we conducted a survey in Don Bosco, a neighboring area to Kalebuka, where malaria is an especially prevalent problem. Residents were asked about their knowledge, attitudes, and preventive measures, which helped us define both their needs and strategies for improvement. Another part of the program is raising awareness on prevention, sharing this knowledge to around 1032 households.

Malaria is one of the leading causes of death in the DRC, and is particurlalry unforgiving to children, accounting for 19% of causes for child mortality. Through these intiatives, we are hoping to lessen those statistics. Both Kalebuka and Don Bosco are heading in a direction of healthier communities of which we are proud to be a part!