Coaches Across Continents

Malaika is so thankful for the incredible partnership with Coaches Across Continents. For three years they have come to our community center and inspired our girls, their families, and their entire community to come together. The text below is an excerpt from CAC’s blog, told through the eyes of Nora Dooley.


Let Us Play: Congo Mothers Call for Parity

July 28th 2016.

“The final day began with small group discussions:

Imagine a future where women and men are treated equally: what does that look like for you?

What is preventing this future from being reality?

What must we do to achieve this future? What would you include in a policy/action plan for gender equity – for the rights of women and girls in your communities?

They vehemently engaged, discussed, shared, listed, debated, agreed to disagree on some things, unanimously agreed on others. They had big ideas and some steps in mind to realize them. But there was still an essential missing piece. I told them about our meeting the previous afternoon with the mothers. I told them we had something to add on behalf of those women. I asked the men if they wanted to listen.

They chose, once again, to use those brilliant ears and I was given a most humbling and thrilling honor of channeling the voices of these Kalebuka mothers, echoing thousands (millions?), as I read aloud their call for parity.


“We women have all the same rights as you.”

“Come with us, men and women together, into the community to share knowledge about girls’ and women’s rights.”

“Let us play! You need to create space and opportunities for us and our daughters to play. If you get two days on the field… we get two days!”

“Encourage us, and include us!”

“We are strong, too.”

And if I may be so bold to add… We are women, and we ASK for Choice!!!”

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