Changing A Mother’s Life

Jacquie, a mother of 8 daughters and 2 sons, felt powerless in her roles at home.

“Surely it is a hard life for me as the husband is the only provider of the home, and I do not have the right sometimes to certain privileges as a woman because I make no contribution.” With her children attending Malaika’s school, she began working as a volunteer at our community center and took classes as well.

“Malaika took care of my children at school and at the community center, where they receive education for free. I am really relieved because I could not do it because of the low income that we have at home,” Jacquie says.

She says the opportunity to learn a trade through cutting and sewing training at Malaika has given her a leg up.

“Today I can work in a workshop and be useful in my home. I can also read, write, calculate … My whole life has really changed.” We’re so grateful to have such a strong woman as part of our community, one who is so dedicated she has even come to help out at Malaika during lockdown due to Covid-19. What an inspiring story!