Candles and Swimwear for Malaika

It’s truly wonderful when entrepreneurs and industry leaders want to use their voices, brands or positions to support Malaika’s work in Kalebuka. Despite hardship stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been approached by several brands for collaborations during the past few months.

These women-led organizations typically use their platform to raise awareness about Malaika’s girls and their communities in DRC while garnering support through fundraiser drives or donation a percentage of profits.

Davina Jael, a Congolese-born broker turned luxury candle maker, recently asked us if she could support Malaika while launching her brand, Serenity By Jael. She, like so many others in the diaspora, wanted to give back to her home country while lifting up girls. Shop her collection and support Malaika at

Casa Raki, a women-led beachwear brand, wanted to team up to raise awareness about the power of females while donating 25 percent of select designs to Malaika during the month of March in celebration of International Women’s Day! We love sustainable fashion for a good cause. Visit to shop their gorgeous designs.

We’re so grateful to be part of a movement using fashion and design as a platform to raise up girls across the globe. Thank you to all of our partners and collaborators!