Bringing the joy of learning to the community

In addition to the sports program, the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center offers courses in agriculture, sewing, and literacy. This brings the opportunity of education people in the community who have been unable to attend school.

In particular, we are touched by the eagerness of the women who attend classes at the centre. These women have put the needs of their family first, working and caring for children. The free classes available at the center give them the chance to learn new skills for the first time.

Learning to read and write increases the opportunities which these women have, and increases their ability to provide a stable and healthy home for their families.

FFH - Sewing - 1

Sewing is another valuable skill to the villagers. Buying ready-made clothes are beyond the reach of most people in the village, so they rely on donated clothes. The ability to make and repair clothes saves a lot of money, and the art of creating something beautiful brings much joy to the women.

Once the women have learned basic sewing skills, they may choose to learn more complex techniques, including professional dressmaking, and how to make bags, bracelets and other accessories. This allows them to generate an independent income, with continued support from the center.

FFH - Sewing - 3

Volunteer teachers such as Mathilda Chibola, make the center a place of inspiration. One of the center’s students, Anastasie Mbuyu Ilunga showed her appreciation recently, when she gave Mathilda a bag of flour. Such a gift should not be underestimated. In a village where money is often scarce, it is rare to give so much, and illustrates the value that Anastasie places in the knowledge that she has gained by being at the centre.

When she first came to the center, Anastasie could not read or sew. She has quickly learned how to do both, and is bursting with energy. It is a delight to watch the transformation as she blossoms.

2016-01 FFH Anastasie + Mathilde
Mathilde (left), with her student Anastasie.