Back To School Fundraiser

DRC, particularly the area in which Malaika works, was hit hard during the pandemic. This has made it all the more difficult for us to provide our students with everything they need for a solid education and extracurricular activities. We need your help! We’re in the midst of a back-to-school fundraising campaign to offset unexpected expenses, hoping to raise $10,000.

We supply our students with two nutritious meals a day, uniforms (including shoes, rain boots and socks!), school supplies, sports facilities, field trips and, of course, a well-rounded education. Every dollar counts in helping these girls receive the opportunity they deserve. Consider covering the cost of one of the items below, or support us with any amount you would like by donating here.

$15 buys a pair of shoes 
$30 pays for a school uniform 
$60 provides two health checks per year 
$120 provides a month’s school supplies for a classroom 
$250 covers a year of extracurricular activities for one student
$500 buys the school two new printers 
$1,000 pays a teacher for a month
$2,500 to upgrade the school’s technology

Thank you to all the friends of Malaika who make our work in DRC possible.