A Total Pass!

Lockdown for our students meant spending their time at home, with no electricity, no internet- not even running water. Still, teachers distributed homework packets and our girls diligently studied despite their less-than-ideal conditions. This made it all the more impressive when all 27 of the Year 6 students who took the exam passed! They worked hard and often independently to prepare, and their perseverance paid off. To add to this amazing result, nine of our brightest Year 5 girls took the test and passed as well.

This means they’ll get to jump a grade and take on their education at full speed. This is the forth year in a row our students have achieved this feat, meaning every single one of Malaika’s Year 6 classes have passed with 100 percent.

Our students are hungry to learn, and they exhibit their drive to better themselves despite their circumstances. And in turn, Malaika’s teachers mean to give these girls every tool they can and teach to them as individuals with individual needs. Everyone has worked so hard to continue education, support and opportunity during this pandemic, and we’re truly amazed at what they’ve accomplished. Hongera sana & félicitations!