A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Volunteers from Snap Foundation arrived in Lubumbashi from London over the Easter break, determined to fulfill their mission at Malaika: unlocking the creative potential of the students through dance, music, song and photography. A total of 91 girls from the Malaika School participated in the events.

Specific courses were:
Photography (basic notions on photography, the dos and don’ts (taking pictures and short videos)
Music (basic notions on rhythm and notes)
Dance (ballet)

Teachers were:
Gilda Graepp: dance
José Herreros: music

Russell Burton
Reece Pickering: “The best part about working alongside Malaika was teaching the girls how to see the world in an original way
Jack Grange: “It is hard to express how great an experience it was; it will stay with me for a long time
Remy Whiting, Founder of Snap Foundation: “The Snap Foundation trips to the DRC get better each time and it is great to work with the same girls again, watching how they have developed since we last saw them. The experience the country offers is so unique. The Malaika School is such a wonderful place to work, the staff so passionate and helpful on our program and as for the pupils, they are so excited to see us and the cameras. This year’s trip has given us the best pupil photos ever! Their introspection, coupled with their perspective on life and the surroundings in which they live, yield such fantastic results that any seasoned photojournalist would be proud to call their own, myself included. We are very much looking forward to our next adventure

The skills which were acquired, and fun that was had by all, are best described through photos. The confidence that was built within the students culminated in a certificate the girls received at the end of the week. Thank you Snap! Let’s do it again.

Snapdance Snapdance2
Snapmusic SnapMarch8
Snapadvanced Snapcert8
Snapcert10 Snapcert4 Snapcert3