A Major Win at Malaika’s International Day of Sports for Development and Peace Celebration!

The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace was hosted at Malaika on April 6th. Our community center celebrated this international day of unity with coaches from Lubumbashi and its suburbs with the objective of helping coaches draw on the different skills of football for social impact. Games we played covered subjects like gender equality, conflict resolution, child’s rights and infectious diseases (HIV, malaria, ebola), how to positively impact our environment and leadership. This was the first time Malaika celebrated the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace and our coaches were very impressed, wishing to make it bigger in the coming years.

Our youth from the community center were invited to compete a mini-tournament, aimed at raising awareness amongst the students of the significance of the day. We congratulate them for building comradery with students from other local schools and for winning the trophy!