A Film Shoot at Malaika!

Filmmakers Jonny Guardiani and Ryan Boey visited Kalebuka this summer to film interviews and beautiful shots of our school and community center. They spent time with our students and teachers, as well as with our founder Noella Coursaris Musunka, watching daily operations and the laughter and joy found on our campus. Thank you, Jonny and Ryan, for your brilliant work!

“It has been an incredible experience visiting Malaika – from the moment I stepped on the school grounds, I felt a warm and unique kind of hospitality. It’s amazing to be surrounded by so many students full of energy, joy and positivity. The teachers and all the people working and volunteering there are bonded by a strong team ethic making everyone feel involved and part of something bigger than themselves.

The structure created by Noella, from the school and the community centre to the presence in the village is a model which is creating a new generation of youths who are empowered to make an impact.

To see that with my own eyes – the people in Kalebuka with very limited resources but a great approach to life, that was a refreshing experience. It put many things in perspective – we often get blinded by our own life and we tend to lose focus on the bigger picture, so I’m really grateful to Malaika for reminding me about the important things in life.”

Jonny Guardiani