Philanthropy University’s Grant Recipient

We are honored to be chosen as Philanthropy University’s grant recipient, established as part of their new program that aims to “recognize local organizations that exhibit a strong commitment to building their own capacity, and have taken steps to put their new learnings into practice.” We are one among five other organizations to receive the $1,000 grant. We will use it to invest in Malaika and Kalebuka’s future and are very grateful for this amazing recognition!

Finalists include:

  • Grant Recipients, who will be given an unrestricted grant to build upon their successes:
    • Kshamtalaya Foundation (India)
    • Africommunity Technology Development Center (Nigeria)
    • Fundacion Kapchiy (Chile)
    • M-Prez Enterprise (United Kingdom)
    • Malaika (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Runners-up, who are still recognized for their contributions within their communities:
    • Equip Mozambique (Mozambique)
    • Centre for Child Development and Research (Malawi)
    • Amigos for Children (Hungary)
    • Strategic Missions (South Africa)
    • Institute of Global Communication and Diplomacy (Nigeria)
    • Mamwaki Enterprise (Kenya)